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About Us

Coqui's Soaps is the creation of a mother-daughter duo (both named Brenda!) who are passionate about soaps that contain only the best natural ingredients but also radiate the fun of the tropics. Being born in Puerto Rico, both have a deep connection to the island and an affinity for all things sand and sun. In addition, we aim to bring awareness to the island of Puerto Rico and protecting its tropical rain forest, El Yunque. That's why we've partnered with the National Forest Foundation in donating $0.25 for every soap bar sold to the El Yunque Stewardship Fund. Please consider an additional donation at checkout today!

Brenda and Brenda Liz circa 1994!

What's in our soaps?

  • 100% USDA organic, cold-pressed oils as our base
  • Natural, plant-based essential oils provide the fragrance
  • Only the highest quality added ingredients such as Mediterranean Sea salt and Organic Cinnamon powder to name a couple
  • Our soaps never contain palm oil (or its derivatives), sulphates, artificial dyes, parabens or any of those other super sketchy ingredients

What's a Coqui?

Coqui (pronounced ko-kee) is the common name for several species of tiny tree frogs native to Puerto Rico and it's beautiful rain forest. The name coqui refers to the sound the male frog makes to attract a mate and their chorus can be heard from dusk til dawn on the island. 

Brenda (the mom of the duo) was given the nickname "Coqui" as a term of endearment by her friends and family back home. Similar to the tree frog, small in stature but strong in voice and sweet in charm, Brenda surely lives up to her childhood nickname.